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nPulse is a first of its kind software that helped us in putting together agendas
without having to do it manually -L&T
" With Nadhi’s solution and the lean construction process,
in 6 months, we have been able to save 6% of man-hours,
where labour cost is approximately 30-35% of construction cost " -EDAC
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Why Choose Us?
We believe in Streamlining Communication...
In a smart way

Simplify Access...Get Information Reliably and Quickly

Connect Deeper...Share Information Conveniently Among Stakeholders Be Smarter...Predict Project Missteps and take Preventive Action

Look Beyond...Allow System to make Intelligent Decisions





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Our Projects


As the value and complexity of your projects increases, you as the owner/operator, contractor or project manager, often need to take quick decisions in an environment where information is incomplete and out of date. The result is missed opportunities, increased costs and lagging schedules. Most currently available tools are post facto tools that look back in time and report on what happened rather look into the future and spot the pitfalls ahead of time.

Our flagship construction management product nPulse enables you to elegantly integrate a variety of project information including schedule, cost/revenue, drawings and documentation, meeting agenda points and to-do lists, and labour and material between the owners, contractors, sub-contractors. It proactively alerts you via email, smartphones and SMS to potential issues, and uses analytics to help you make better decisions.

Leveraging nPulse and our deep expertise in construction supply chain management, we help you deliver your project painlessly and minimize delays and cost overruns.

Case studies

The nPulse™ implementation at Livia Spaces is underway with the rollout of the modules in phased manner. Project management staff uses nPulse™ to keep track of project status via alerts, dashboards, and reports. Senior management receives consolidated reports “on the go” which helps them keep in touch with progress on the ground wherever they are located. Livia is already seeing the benefits of improved stakeholder collaboration and real-time visibility into project issues....
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